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Dutch researchers have developed a 360° green solar cell module

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Last week a journal called “ Applied Physics Letters” released a new research result, which realized the combination of the silicon heterojunction solar cells and nano-silicon scattering substance, thus the module showed bright green. Since the panel is unable to absorb green light, its power rate will decline, but the decline rate is only around 10%. This finding is quite significant and helpful for the development of high-efficiency colorful modules and white photovoltaic integrated construction.

“Some people may not understand why the battery’s efficiency is reduced, but we can beautify the battery without too much loss.” said VerenaNeder, a researcher and the executive officer of papers. “ The new way of changing the battery’s color is not only easy to handle, but also a very attractive architectural design element, and there are many potential applications.”

Distinct from current solar batteries, the color of nano-pattern battery doesn’t change from any point of view, even from the side direction.

The next effort researchers make is to design red and blue solar batteries. Once they succeed, researchers will be able to make use of the sunlight’s three basic colors to produce panels of any color, including white.

The photovoltaic researchs at present mainly focus on improving the efficiency and cutting down the cost, it’s really rare to see such a creative move that combines both aesthetics and efficiency. Other existing aesthetic-related photovoltaic technology are also all black solar modules and integrated high-definition solar panels.

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