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One minute to complete the charge of the battery is about to market

- Jul 07, 2017 -

A high-performance rechargeable aluminum battery by the Stanford University, a Chinese-based research team, they in the "Nature" magazine published online research report, this high-performance rechargeable aluminum battery, low cost, large capacity , Can be folded, non-flammable, long life, more environmentally friendly, can become a conventional battery safety alternatives. The most attractive is that as long as a minute will be able to complete the charge.

It is understood that the scientists developed aluminum ion battery has a very perfect property, not like some other battery products have hidden danger, and the number of charging up to 7500 times, only 1 minute can be filled. In the test, the aluminum battery after more than 7500 charge, discharge cycle, the capacity and no loss.

In contrast, other research institutions of aluminum batteries after about 100 cycles after the usual can not be used, and lithium batteries can only withstand about 1000 cycles. Because aluminum and graphite are flexible materials, aluminum batteries can be bent, folded without affecting performance, and cheaper than lithium batteries.

The advent of this battery, it is possible to subvert the lithium battery battery exclusive mobile phone battery market pattern.

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