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Solar batteries can be used for days and nights!

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Most people think that solar cells can only be used in sunny day, it is not. With the deepening of research on solar cells, solar cells that can be powered at night have been successfully developed. According to Xinhua reported that "all-weather" solar cell works is: when the sun shines on the solar cell, not all of the sun can be absorbed by the battery and converted to electricity, only part of the visible light is effectively converted to electricity. To this end, the researchers in the battery to introduce a key material, so that during the day when the sun, the solar cell photoelectric conversion efficiency increased slightly, but also can not be absorbed by the visible and near infrared light energy stored in this Material, and released in the form of monochromatic visible light at night. At this point, the monochromatic visible light is absorbed by the light absorber and converted into electrical energy, thus enabling the solar cell in the day and night can generate electricity.

In addition, according to the "Science and Technology Daily" reported that the Australian National University has also developed a strange properties of nano-metamaterials, the material has a nano-microstructure, composed of gold and magnesium fluoride, can send radiation in a specific direction, but also Change the shape of a particular light. This material can be used to make hot photovoltaic cells, and in the dark by collecting heat to generate electricity.

Rainy days can also be used in solar cells

In addition to the night, cloudy days can also use solar cells. Researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne in Switzerland use perovskite as a light-screening device and use an organic hole transport material to replace the electrolytes used in conventional batteries, the Technology Daily reported. This method will dye the sensitized solar cell conversion efficiency increased to 15% in the cloudy and artificial light environment also has a high conversion efficiency.

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