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To maximize the advantages of LED lights

- Jul 07, 2017 -

LED has a high efficiency and pollution-free features, as we are optimistic about the full replacement of incandescent lamp the best alternative.

In recent years, LED in the lighting industry set off an unprecedented revolution. Street lights in the outdoor lighting occupies a very important position, the night comes, I am afraid the first light up, is the outdoor lights.

But the street lights reform is not overnight, in the process of reform also encountered many problems, therefore, in the LED lights to replace the ordinary street lights in the process, we must pay attention to ways and means, specific problems specific analysis, so as to energy-saving energy consumption At the same time, the maximum use of LED lights, play its due role.

But the LED from all aspects, are more energy efficient than ordinary energy-saving lamps, which is beyond doubt, although the current point of view, LED lamps from the price may be higher, but with the progress of technology and market Of the mature, LED market prices will change, wait until the LED development technology is more mature, more stable performance at the same time the price is more affordable and then vigorously promote the LED lights from all aspects of consideration may be more practical. Street quality is good or bad, energy and no, will directly affect the use of resources, the number of street lamps from the first use of energy-saving lamps, but also the largest energy-saving emission reduction policy support.

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