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A Korea Research Team Developed Perovskite Solar Cells With Walnut Spices

- Sep 26, 2017 -

According to a report of Korean Association on September 22th, South Korea's Pohang University, Department of Chemical Engineering Professor Jin Taihao and a team led by Li Junyu, created an environmentally friendly and efficient conductive material which contains food additives that use walnut spices as ingredients. This new kind of conductive material can be used to produce perovskite solar cells. Their findings have been published on the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


The perovskite material is thinner than silicon and the production cost is also cheaper, so the solar cell industry has attracted much attention. It is reported that perovskite solar cells will produce electrons and electron holes after receiving sunlight and an efficient medium is needed to transfer them to the electrodes. Prior to this, the conductive media perovskite solar cell has been using is toxic chlorobenzene.


The research team used walnut spice food additives and successfully developed a more environmentally friendly conductive material, which can well replace chlorobenzene to produce perovskite solar cells. Li Junyu said that this material is able to increase the efficiency of polymer to 18% on the basis of not changing the photoelectric properties, and this efficiency will not subside with time. This discovery is expected to contribute to the development of conductive polymer industry.

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