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Application Characteristics Of Solar Lights

- Jul 07, 2017 -

With the development of the lighting industry, the improvement of light efficiency, and now the basic low-power light source can achieve the lighting effect, which can save the amount of the battery, the solar system cost reduction, close to the promotion price. The current street lamps, garden lights and lawn lamps have been very large in the amount of solar energy, mainly due to solar power more suitable for these lamps. Solar lamps can be independent power supply, the brightness requirements are not too high courtyard, street. And county-level highway is very suitable.

Suitable for mobile power use: solar lighting is a separate working system, a great advantage is that you can move freely, especially for mobile or need to move the lighting or special use of the industry, for example: need to move pest control lights. Mosquito lamp. mobile power. Camping lights and so on.

Suitable for special requirements for regional use: for example where low voltage work is required, where voltage requirements are low and high pressure is not allowed. For example: safety channel lights, underwater lights and so on.

Suitable for power shortage or special lighting lines are too long. For example: mountainous areas, poor areas. desert. Or forest, sea and other lighting or power supply.

Suitable for special power supply areas: for example, water, lighthouse, island, mountain or transmission lines more difficult areas. Commonly there are navigation lights, aviation obstruction lights, lights, floating lights, highway monitoring system, water detection system, wind detection system.

Not suitable for power industry or high-power power units or less places to accept the sun: the so-called not suitable is not used, the main reason is the general power equipment power higher. Most of the 300w or more, solar power discharge smaller, the general power equipment is relatively large, so that the cost of solar power supply increased, not easy to be accepted by customers. Many areas of the sun is not abundant, such as the domestic Chongqing area. Ten days nine fog days, the sun is not good, the use of economic benefits is not good, there are many buildings behind the city or tall buildings behind, are difficult to install or not suitable for the installation of solar lamps.

Applicable to the lighting requirements of the county is not high, rural, courtyard, park lights place. Since the cost of solar energy is determined by the size of the light source, it is advisable for solar lighting in areas where lighting requirements are not too high. Not the brightness of solar energy can not meet the requirements, but the brightness of the price is relatively high relative to the very high, consumers can not accept, so the price of low-power lighting and almost ordinary light prices close, so low-power solar lights in the market have a strong competition force.

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