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China 's Intellectual Dream Is No Longer Far

- Mar 24, 2017 -

The Chinese journal “People’s daily” (Oversea Edition) recently conducted a special report of Professor Ren Yuhang, who is the chairman of Sun harmonics corporation. Professor Ren is committed to the development of a new generation of CIGS solar cells and promote the upgrading of China’s solar industry technology and development with his teammates.



When working in the United States, Ren has been aware that solar energy will have good development prospects in the future. And he is particularly bullish on China 's solar market, "because China has a good industrial replication and promotion capabilities.



In Ren’s view, China’s domestic solar cell industry is still in the PV 1.0 era with 90% of the solar energy are traditional crystal silicon cells. Although China has purchased foreign equipment and raw materials,  the core technology has not been transferred over, solar cell technology of PV 2.0 era is still monopolized by foreign countries. Therefore, China and foreign trade in technology has been in a disadvantageous position. What he strives for is to change the present unequal pattern and realize local production by mastering the core technology.   


The goal of Ren and his team is to independently research, develop and product of flexible photovoltaic solar cells of 2.0 era. They focus o n the technology of CIGS flexible solar cells whin are so thin as paper, but also of high conversion rate. When large-scale production of these cells is realized, its manufacture cost will be significantly reduced.


Professor Ren desires to combine knowledge he learned abroad and advantages of domestic industry production, and let more people enjoy the convenience of new type of solar cells. In the future, the application of this new cell will be much universal and provide continuous power support for all kinds of electric equipments in daily life.


At present, Sun harmonics has already owns the following product series: CIGS solar cells (can be used to make customized electricity generation products), CIGS pv panels suitable for all kinds of roofs, portable and lightweight solar chargers(perfect choice for outdoor activities lovers), as well as fashionable solar backpacks and colorful solar lights.



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