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Chinese Aging Solar Panels Faces A Challenge Of Recycling

- Aug 08, 2017 -

It’s reported by HK media that a recent estimate by solar industry reveals China will confront the world’s most severe solar panel aging problem in less than 20 years.


According to a report released by Hongkong media on July, 31th, China Renewable Energy Society Photovoltaic Committee Secretary - General, Lv Fang predicted that the aggregate amount of PV modules discarded will add up to 70 GW in 2034. And by 2050, China’s abandoned amount of solar panels will reach 20 million tons, which is 2000 times of the Eiffel Tower’s weight.


In accordance to American Energy Department statistics, the service time of solar panels is 20 to 30 years, depending on the using environment concretely. Hot temperature may accelerate the process of PV panels, other adverse factors like snow or storm may bring about panel’s surface and internal material spoil problems, which will diminish the panel’s output of power.


A company in Jiangsu, Nanjing Fangrun Material Recovery Co., Ltd. ,focusing on recycling waste solar panels. The company's general manager, Tian Min said the solar power industry is a ticking time bomb. "If the estimate is correct, it will explode in two or three decades and cause great damage to the environment," he added, "the industry generates a heavy waste and is not easy to recover."


“It’s quite expensive to transit these giant solar panels for a long distance.” Tian Min said. Another cost comes from the separation and purification of waste, a process that not only  requires a lot of labor and electricity, but also let outs poisonous chemicals which are harmful to the environment, such as acidic substances.


Since the traditional Silicon panels have shortcomings of fast attenuation and high toxicity, the CIGS thin-film panel is a good substitute. It can not only apply to more areas that silicon panels are unable to realize, but also decline the recycle cost greatly due to its low-attenuation quality. In the meanwhile, this kind of panel also won’t do much harm to the environment.


With enhancement of people’s recognition and acceptance towards CIGS cells’ qualities, this kind of panel will be a choice of more and more companies emphasizing on green and environmental ideas.


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