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Sunharmonics Won The Certificate Of High-tech Products In Zhejiang Province

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Last week, Sun harmonics was honored to obtain the High-tech Products Certificate in Zhejiang Province. It’s main product, CIGS thin-film solar cells, has the conspicuous advantages of high-efficiency, light-weight, thin, flexible, portable, etc. Compared to the traditional silicon solar cells, CIGS products are much safer and can be flexibly applied to various occasions, which is also helpful to solve some problems existing in the market at present. The conversion rate of Sun harmonics’ champion solar cell has reached 18% and its average module conversion-rate is above 13%.


Zhejiang High-tech products refer to the ones that combine advanced and distinguished technology and account for a leading position in the same industry. These products have high value of promotion and application, and also warmly welcomed by consumers. The certificate mainly covers these areas, including electronic information technology, biotechnology, new materials technology, new energy and efficient energy-saving technology, environmental protection technology, etc.


Committed to be the future photovaltaic leader, Sun harmonic works hard to improve its thin-film technology and provide more creative products. By this certificate, it’ll be easier for Sun harmonics to gain consumer recognition and increase its market share.

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