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How To Choose A Solar Light Source?

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Solar PV products include solar street lights, a variety of solar lights, solar controllers, solar modules and solar power systems.

Users are always very concerned about how to choose the right solar street light source, solar street lights generally use efficient, energy-efficient light source.

Currently used in solar lights on the light source (bulb) are: high efficiency DC energy saving lamps, ultra-bright semiconductor LED lights, Promise electromagnetic induction lamp (LVD), low pressure sodium lamp (LPS) and high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) and so on.

Solar street lights can be used in 12V DC energy saving lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, electrodeless electromagnetic induction lamps, etc., and so on. The solar street lights are used as LED and 12V DC energy saving lamps. Kind of light source to choose.

Regardless of the choice of light source, its brightness and the power of the light source is directly related. With the same light source, the higher the power, the higher the brightness; the smaller the power, the lower the brightness.

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