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Install Solar Modules For Solar Street Lights

- Jul 07, 2017 -

When installing the solar panel, first open the solar battery module box and check if the solar module is damaged.

And then put the solar cell module guard panel placed in the angle frame, and then the solar battery components placed on the guard board; placed solar modules, the junction box are at a height, when the solar cell components horizontal, the junction box should be To move closer to the direction of the pole assembly.

According to the system voltage of the street lamp and the voltage of the solar cell module, the solar cell module line is connected. If the system voltage of the street lamp is 24V and the voltage of the solar cell module is 17V or 18V, the solar cell module should be connected in series. The positive (or negative) of the first block is connected to the negative (or positive) of the second block. If the voltage of the solar cell is 34V, the solar cell assembly should be connected in parallel, in parallel with the first component The positive and negative terminals and the second component of the positive and negative corresponding to the connection, the wiring will be the solar battery module junction box with a small flat-blade screwdriver to open the solar battery module power cord with a small flat-blade screwdriver crimp to the junction box terminal , The red line connected to the cathode, the blue line connected to the negative, such as the line will be connected to the terminal box after the end of the waterproof nut fastening, and the junction box at the terminal 7091 sealed silicone, the amount of glue to make the junction box into the line Hole is completely sealed, and then buckle the wiring box cover, the junction box cover should be fastened, not deductible.

With a multimeter to detect the connection of solar modules (connected to the controller side) is short-circuit, with the detection of solar cell components output voltage is consistent with system requirements. In clear weather, the open circuit voltage should be greater than 18V (system voltage is 12V) or 34V (system voltage is 24V). Before installation and after testing the solar battery module power cord connected to the controller side of the positive application of insulating tape will be exposed to the core package wrapped, two layers of insulating tape. Note: The battery components in the installation process to gently, to avoid tools such as equipment damage.

The solar module and the battery pack support are tightened with M6 × 20 bolts, M6 nuts, and washers 6. Installation, the bolt should be installed from the outside, and then put on the gasket and tighten the nut, fastening when the bolt connection is required to connect firmly, no loosening.

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