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Japan Developed A Kind Of Scalable And Washable Ultra-thin Solar Cells

- Sep 21, 2017 -

According to a Japanese media report, the research team, composed of the Japanese Institute of Chemistry and the University of Tokyo claimed that they developed a new scalable and washable ultra-thin solar energy battery.


The user said this battery can be attached to the clothes, used as a wearable devices power supplier.


Researchers of the institute, Fukuda Kenjiro and Professor Dao Gu Longfu said the solar battery is made by applying the organic compounds of semiconductor nature to the very thin polymer film. The thickness of the cell is only 3 microns and the battery works very well even when bend it.


Futian said: "It will be affixed to clothes such as shirts and may also serve as a power source for digital devices that are able to measure blood pressure and body temperature, which is helpful to detect diseases at the early period. Also it can provide power support for little mobile equipment, like smart phones, blue earphones, etc.

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