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New Use Of Solar Cells

- Jul 07, 2017 -

In recent years, the concept of intelligent windows gradually into the public eye, more and more R & D team into them, by changing the window color or transparency to adjust the processing received light, heat and noise, etc. have been tried, recently from Princeton's research team is promoting a self-powered intelligent window system that will absorb ultraviolet light directly from the sun through a transparent solar cell.

Because the sun can emit light of different wavelengths, some visible light that we can perceive by the naked eye, some are infrared rays that provide heat for the earth, and some are very destructive ultraviolet radiation. In most cases, when the sun's light into the room when the UV light is often shielded, and Princeton team hopes to use these wasteful ultraviolet light to the entire intelligent window system to provide electricity.

This intelligent window consists of electrochromic materials, under the action of micro-current, the window glass will be changed from transparent to dark blue, and by absorbing a specific light, intelligent windows of solar cells will achieve power supply, the entire system can Is integrated into a slim, transparent film, and then installed in the ordinary glass windows.

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