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Scientists Have Developed New Polymer Materials For Solar Cells

- Aug 16, 2017 -

According to statistics, more than 80% of the world’s energy used so far is produced by burning oil, natural gas and coal, which does great harm to the environment. In the meanwhile, people are also facing severe energy crisis since in the past two hundred years, mankind has consumed more than half of the world's oil reserves that have been formed for millions of years. At present, scientists all over the world mainly focus on how to enhance the conversion rate of solar cells, but seldom of them pay attention to the stability of solar panel substrate materials.


With the help of Russian Science Foundation, the international team, led by Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemical Physics, has recently developed a kind of high-efficiency and stable thin-film solar cells based on organic semiconductor materials (conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives). This is a new type of photosensitive material, which is of high photochemical and thermal stability, and quite suitable for optimum performance of organic solar cells. Compared to fossil fuel, the photoelectric conversion cost of organic solar cells is much lower, thus it’s expected to completely change the global energy industry. The research results are published in the journal called “Journal of Materials Chemistry”.


Sunlight is a very promising, environmental and economical energy. It is estimated that the annual energy demand of all mankind is about 20 terawatt, while the annual energy of sun's  radiation to Earth is about 105 terawatt. Therefore, the sun can be seen as an inexhaustible source of energy for modern society. With its remarkable advantages of light weight, low cost, flexibility and other characteristics, the new solar cell made of organic semiconductor materials, has greatly attracted the attention of researchers and innovative enterprises.


Sun harmonics, established in 2010, is committed to research and develop high-efficiency and low-cost CIGS thin film solar cells. In the past several years, it has launched three abundant product series focusing on CIGS materials, including CIGS flexible PV panels, CIGS portable solar chargers and colorful solar lights. These products can be universally applied to various fields and perfectly meet customers' demands.


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