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New Type Of Glass Tiles May Become A New Choice For Solar Power Generation

- Aug 25, 2017 -

We have seen lots of products that can convert solar energy into electricity power, such as the solar windows or solar tiles, etc. However, most of the building’s surface is still exposed to the sunlight and scientists try to find new choices of using the solar power. Researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK have recently developed a new product that can replace opaque outer wall tiles with solar glass tiles.


They called the new product ”Solar Squared”. The transparent brick contains a number of optical components and each element will focus the sunlight to a single solar cell. All the elements in a brick are connected together and bricks themselves link to each other as well, thus the solar power will be converted into electricity. And the electricity newly generated are able to be transported to the power grid in a reverse directly.


A problem may appear that when install the opaque bricks, most of sunlight will go through them easily and lighten up the internal space of buildings. Actually, it can be solved by adding colors to inner surface so as to prevent the rooms overheating. Besides, researchers find that these new bricks behave better in thermal insulation than traditional glass bricks.


If these glass tiles pass the business test, they are expected to enter the market next year.


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