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Solar Power Charger- A Necessary Outdoor Equipment In May

- Apr 30, 2017 -

It’s a perfect idea to go for a short trip in May for its bright sunshine and colorful scenery. Some people may encounter some problems. Do you ever worry about that your telephone lacks power in the journey? Or your camera lacks power so that you miss a wonderful flash?



In order to solve these problems and meet different customers’ needs, Sun harmonics develops a new generation of solar mobile devices charging series, including fashionable solar chargers and smart chargeable backpacks.




Sun’s portable solar chargers adopts international advanced CIGS thin-film technology and MPPT low voltage circuit. It has a high-efficiency system and ultralight weight,quite convenient to fold and carry.Charging is also very easy, just unfold the charger and let the solar cells exposed totally to the sunlight, electricity will be provided continuously for those digital devices which have USB connections. The solar charger is really a good choice for people keen on outdoor activities like travelling, camping, outdoor cycling, etc.




The CIGS thin-film solar backpack of Sun harmonics selects  wear-resistant waterproof fabric and an elastic breathable back pad. Its design caters for ergonomic and so considerate.It not only has the common storage function of traditional backpacks, but also integrates functions of leisure, fashion and intelligence. Telephone charging is no longer confined to a fixed place, people can enjoy continuous power support whiling walking outside.



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