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Start Using Solar Energy With The Ultra-thin Solar Panel Charger To Protect The Environment

- Sep 30, 2017 -

This is some share about a type of solar panel charger. The solar panel charger is designed to be ultra-thin, and it’s very easy to carry around in outdoor activities.


Product features

It allows you to use solar energy and it makes an efficient solar charger for excellent environmental protection. It is energy-inexhaustible.

It is made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells and epoxy resin surface seal.

Its design is slim and light, and it is only 2 mm thick.

The solar panel aims to be very portable, and it will turn out to be perfect for camping, traveling, riding and more outdoor activities that you can think of.

It features a standard USB output which is ideal for mobile phones and other digital portable devices.


According to most users’ reviews, the solar charger works perfectly and even if some users have complained that it’s not as powerful as promised it turned out to be enough for their needs. The device is robust and flexible, and you have to charge it in the sun. In case you don’t place it in direct sunlight, the current will drop to a maximum of 0.01 A (10 mA). In other words, you are advised to use it in direct sunlight for enhanced efficiency.

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