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Sun Harmonics Developed A New Kind Of Rollable Solar Charger Recently

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Recently Sun harmonics successfully researched and developed its rollable solar chargers. The first batch of 500 sets rollable chargers is expected to finish production and offered to a company in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province By the end of September.



These 4.5 watts mini solar chargers adopt advanced CIGS thin-film solar cells produced by a Chinese manufacturer, Sun harmonics. Due to the cell’s thin, flexible and ultralight characteristics, the solar panel can be rolled up easily and doesn’t take up lots of space.


The diameter of these chargers is only around 5 centimeters, they are as small as flashlight and able to charge common digital devices like mobile phones. The inner storage batteries and LED lights design(at the bottom) add it new function of lighting at night.


Combined with an exterior stylish design, chargeable and lighting features, as well as mini size, this new kind of rollable solar chargers are much more convenient to carry with and expected to be popular with more people in favor of solar power products.


At present, Sun harmonic has developed four product series, comprised of CIGS thin-film solar cells, flexible solar panels for roofs, portable emergency solar chargers(including backpacks) and high-quality solar lights. Sun also offers customized service so as to satisfy customers special requirement for solar products.



If you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, or have big demand for electricity in daily life, or quite curious about new solar products, please click here to know something different:

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