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Sun Harmonics Reached A Strategic Cooperation With Hubei Energy Group

- Mar 30, 2017 -

On March 25th, the Jingmen Municipal Committee and Organization Minister Gao Yiyong, along with the chairman of Hubei Energy Group New Energy Development Corporation Chen Kui-yong and other 9 leaders of Hubei Province visit Sun harmonics in Hangzhou and signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Sun. Sun harmonics is a Chinese manufacturer focusing on the research and development of CIGS thin-film solar cell technology and products.




Accompanied by Sun’s general manager Ren Yuke, deputy managers Ren Yugang, Dong Kang, Liu Chunyan and other senior leaders, Minister Gao visited Sun’s photographic exhibition hall and the production line of CIGS thin-film solar cells. “Sun is the real innovative industrial enterprise and its CIGS thin-film solar cells technology is amazing. It should make full use of advanced technology strengths and new strategic methods to win higher market share, accelerate the layout of the production base construction and pay attention to the country or even the global market, and work hard to promote the transformation of the traditional photovoltaic industry transformation.



The three parties later held a forum on the specific issues of strategic cooperation. Chairman Chen made a detailed introduction of the development condition of Hubei Energy Group. Hubei Energy Group implemented a new energy diversification at present and mainly focus on wind power generation and solar energy generation. Chen said, and he wanted to realize the combination of Suns advanced technology and Jingmens local government policy support. Zhou pointed out that Jingmen is the national circular economy demonstration city and the solar energy project caters for Jingmens development. All levels of departments will offer full support and help to solve the practical difficulties as well as contradictions. The three parties also make a deep discussion into the relevant issues and solution methods of the cooperation project.


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