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Hangzhou Is Expected To Own Its First Intelligent PV Bus Station In Two Weeks

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Have you ever imagined that a multifunctional intelligent PV bus station will come in reality? The attached solar panels are able to provide abundant electricity support for all kinds of activities around the station.

Two of this smart bus stations designed by our company will appear in Yuhang district, Hangzhou very soon. It’s expected to put into service on August 15th.

USB connection is provided for passers-by in need of electricity and free wireless network is able to add much fun while boring waiting time. A vending machine is equipped as well so that people’s thirsty needs can be considerately solved.


In addition to its cool appearance, it owns the following five fantastic highlights:

Low-carbon and energy-saving: This multifunctional bus station combines advanced CIGS thin-film solar panels and LED optical waveguide technology, which helps realize “zero emissions” perfectly.

Real-time display: With the function of short-range wireless communications, the specific arrival time of buses displays on the screen accurately.

Continuous electricity support: The use of complementary power supply mode and automatic switching design ensure the system maintains reliable operation in any case .

Multi-screen linkage: Interact tightly with related information like bus scheduling, IPTV, community announcements, convenience services, thus bus information spread through a variety of ways.

Safe and reliable: 360° without dead angle spherical monitoring machine to ensure people's lives and property safety.

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