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The 2017 Yunqi Assembly: New Values Brought By Cross-border Convergence

- Oct 18, 2017 -

The 2017 Yunqi Assembly was held in Hangzhou from October 11th to 14th. Different from the past, it’s not simply a party of programmers but an cross-border convergence of various industries.


Min Wanli, the chief scientist of Ali cloud machine intelligence described how cloud computing and industrial manufacturing combined to activate the production process of sleeping massive data information and mining new value in his speech.


He said: "Suppose there is a pipeline ABCDEFG, the final product is H, workers’ operation on each line may have some deviation, when deviation occurs on the former line, how will the latter workers correct and manipulate so as to assure the stability of H? Then it’s needed that ABCDEFG are coordinated systematically together, and the coordination should be real-time feedback.


The global IT leader of Trina Solar, Zhu Jiachuan shared the new value created for Trina Solar’s industrial manufacturing by intelligent production. He introduced that Trina Solar have been committed to improving the battery photoelectric conversion rate and decreasing the system cost according to innovation in various aspects like photovoltaic technology, production, management, etc.


After introducing the Ali cloud ET brain, Trina Solar will first input massive data of the workshop equipment, personnel, technology and quality into the brain, followed by artificial intelligence algorithm, a large data model will be constructed, it’s helpful to realize real-time monitoring and manipulation of variations, which makes the management more apparent and the production more intelligent. Finally the research results in the trial line can be applied to large-scale production in reality.


ET brain is Ali cloud research and development of super intelligence, with groundbreaking technology to solve the social and business problems in the thorny. For all walks of life, Ali cloud scientists on the ET brain special training, developed the ET city brain, ET industrial brain, ET medical brain, in urban governance, industrial manufacturing, health care and other fields become a powerful human assistant.


ET brain is the super intelligence developed by Ali cloud, aiming to solve social and business problems with groundbreaking technology. For all walks of life, Ali cloud conducted on special training on the ET brain, and successfully developed ET city brain, ET industrial brain and ET medical brain, which have become human’s powerful assistant in urban governance, industrial manufacturing, health care and other fields.

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