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The First Photoelectric Car Charging Station Was Put Into Use In Shanghai

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Recently, a new photoelectric car charging station was constructed successfully in Songjiang, Shanghai. It’s the first “Light storage” station in Shanghai and has been put into use. The station integrates a number of advanced technologies such as smart charging pile , high capacity energy storage battery, photovoltaic power generation, etc. And at night it’s able to charge electric vehicles with stored electricity generated in the daytime.


It’s reported that during the 8-day National holidays, a total of 173 cars stop here and enjoy the convenience of power supply at the new charging station.


The marketing manager of Songjiang power supply company said, “the photoelectric station is a new trial of Shanghai Electric Power Company in the aspect of constructing new energy car charging stations. The station is supported by clean energy, through storing electricity converted by solar power, a micro-network is formed with photovoltaic, energy storage and charging facilities, which helps to achieve grid and off-grid two different operation modes. Besides, the use of storage system can also alleviate the impact when the current is charged.


According to statistics, the station is composed of 12 electric vehicles DC charging piles and equipped with 44 solar photovoltaic panels. It has a photovoltaic installed capacity of 11.66 kilowatts and a daily generating capacity of about 100 degrees. If encountering rainy days or more charging vehicles, the system will automatically switch to the public grid power supply.


Regarding the price, in accordance to the charging standard, the basic price in summer is 0.68 RMB per degree, with a service fee of 1.3 RMB per degree, while in other seasons, the basic fee is 0.62 RMB, and the service fee remains constant.

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