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The Total Installed Capacity Of Solar Power Is Expected To Exceed Nuclear Power’s By The End Of 2017

- Sep 18, 2017 -

According to Green Energy Technology Research(GTM Research), the global total installed capacity of solar power will exceed the world’s nuclear power plant by the end of 2017. However, the amount of installation and power generation are two different concepts, nuclear power generation capacity is still 6.6 times of solar power. What’s else, the research confirmed that solar cells of highest power generation efficiency are still in poor performance in the cloudy environment.


It’s reported by Next Big Future that according to an estimate of GTM Research, the total installed capacity of solar power has already approached that of nuclear power, their amounts of power generation still have a big gap. The global nuclear power plant is able to produce 2.47 trillion degrees of electricity annually, accounting for 11% of the global power generation, while the total power generated by solar energy is only around 37.5 billion kw degrees, accounting for only 1.8% of the total amount.


A more obvious problem is that solar energy only works in the daylight, but the efficient power storage technology still lacks, which means that a great deal of solar power generated at day is unable to be stored for night use.


And the new study confirms that in poor weather condition(cloudy or rainy days), even the best solar cells are also unable to perform well. However, the researcher believe that the perovskite solar cell can still improve its performance. The photoelectric conversion rate is expected to reach 14% in the future, they will work hard to research and develop a new type of solar cells performing well in both sunny and cloudy days.

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